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Dog Training Hand Signals-Teaching Hand Signals to Your Dog

Besides using verbal commands while obedience training your dog, you should also learn the dog training hand signals. If your dog has been trained with the hand signals, he can still do as you command, even when he is not able to hear you. If you teach your dog his hand signals, you can still make your dog come on command from quite a long distance. This is how hunting dogs or agility dogs are controlled in the field by their handlers. Whatever the handlers need their dog to do can be done through the hand signals even without using verbal commands.

You can teach your dog the hand signals right along with the regular obedience training lessons. Any good dog training program will explain the different standard hand signals and how they are used for training your dog at home. You can even use hand signals of your own invention as long as your are consistent in using the same movement each time.

Dogs learn the hand signal concept very quickly because they naturally tune in very closely to another dog's body language as part of the way they communicate with each other. So , if you are just starting with your dog's obedience training, introduce the dog training hand signals right now. Of course , even if your dog is already trained to follow verbal commands, it is not too late to introduce the hand signals to him now. Get started by using the hand signals to teach the basic steps-sit, down and stay. These basic exercises are easy to teach and is a good place to starting the hand signal training. After your dog learns these first 3 signals, he is ready to keep going when taught the remainder of his dog obedience lessons.

* To teach the hand signal for sit, bend your arm upwards from the elbow to head level in a quick movement while at the same time saying sit. By repeating the hand signal each time you command your dog to sit, he will soon learn to associate the hand signal with the vocal command.

* For teaching the down hand signal hold your arm out level with the floor and then lower it down towards the floor. At the same time you give your dog the down command use this hand signal. The hand signal gets him to follow your hand down to the floor.

* Teaching the hand signal for stay is done by using the policeman's hand sign to stay-holding your arm outstretched towards your dog with the palm facing him. Hold your hand out like this at the same moment you command your dog to stay.

If you haven't already started using dog training hand signals when obedience training your dog, you can get started now. It is a good feeling to know you can control your dog even if he cannot hear you for some reason.

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