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Just How Many Ways Can Electricity Be Made

What are the most conventional methods of making electricity?

Electricity is conventionally produced by turning giant turbines and various other types of energy fuels are used in order to turn these. Here are some of the typical methods of making electricity and one not so typical:

• Using fuel and steam - Water is heated on a large scale in a furnace. The vapor thus generated helps move the turbine blades. In order to heat the water, various fuels are used, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

• By nuclear fission - Electricity is produced in nuclear reactors by using the heat produced in the chain reaction caused by nuclear fission. This heat boils the water and the steam is then used to rotate the turbine blades.

• Using bio-waste - Electricity is now also made by burning bio-fuels instead of fossil fuels. Bio-fuels are obtained from biological waste, mainly from plants. Bio-fuels are considered safer than fossil fuels.

• By hydro-power - Water is also a common method of producing electricity. The huge turbines are turned by the harnessed force of water from rivers and other bodies of water. Although this method may not negatively affect the environment in general, it can upset the ecological balance within the bodies of water.

• Using the wind - Electricity can be produced by wind generators. Wind generators work by converting wind power into mechanical energy and then into electrical power.

What is so important about using alternative sources of energy?

Alternate power solutions are needed in the light of rapidly-depleting fuels and energy sources. Furthermore, most of the conventional ways of electricity production adversely affect the environment in one way or the other. We are facing a serious power crisis. Time is running out for fossil fuels as a source of power. In the meantime we can take measures to mitigate the harmful effects of conventional energy production.

Some alternative ways to produce electricity

In these times of energy crisis and environmental damage, you might ask: What can be done? We can do much if we want to. We can begin by reducing our consumption of power. In addition , we can implement alternative methods of energy production such as:

• The Wind power solution – Installing a wind turbine can help produce electricity for our homes and farms.

• The solar power solution – Using the solar power to cook, light up and heat our homes is a wise idea.

• Bio-gas – Bio-gas can be used to produce electricity on a small scale.

But the little known yet most effective method is by the use of magnets..... yes, that's right, magnets that produce much more energy than they consume and thereby reduce your energy bill drastically.

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